Germicidal UVC Air Exchanger

Clean the air you breath...

UVC + HEPA Filtration System

Breath safer all day, every day with ViroBeam® X-Air single or double fan air exchange system with HEPA filter and a poweful Germicidal UVC layer to kill and inactivate bacteria, viruses, molds and spores.

Our air exchangers are equipped with LEDs which emit UVC light at wavelengths between 260nm-270nm, known to virologists as the strongest of wavelengths for disinfection.

The X-Air-1, with 420CFM and 38 UVC LED is ideal for an office space, dental office and classrooms.

The X-Air-2, with 2 fan motors, 750CFM and 42 UVC LEDs can be used in room large rooms with over 10,000ft³.
... X-AIR-1 X-AIR-2
LED Type 3535 SMD / UVC 265-275nm
Air Filter UVC LEDs + Stainless Steel Mesh + HEPA
Power (Watts) 129W 248W
Input Voltage 100-277vAC
LED Driver 60W / 12vDC CV
Housing Powder Coated Galvanizes Steel

Specs sheets are beeing updated. Please check back soon.
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